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"Thief. Warrior. Gladiator. King."


  • Director: John Milius
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy,
  • Studio: Universal Pictures
  • Subtitled | Widescreen | Duration: 145 Mins

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a muscle-bound step closer to superstardom with this entertaining sword-and-sorcery epic from John Milius, the writer of Apocalypse Now. Milius quotes Nietzsche and ladles on the fantasy atmosphere with a Wagnerian flourish as Arnie's Nordic superman ventures forth to avenge his parents' death at the hands of James Earl Jones's warlord. He's aided in his quest by thief Sandahl Bergman and would-be comic sidekick Gerry Lopez. It's all too humourless for its own good, but the movie looks fabulous, rather like Arnie himself, and succeeds through a similar combination of testosterone and self-belief.
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Cast List:
Conan : Arnold Schwarzenegger
Thulsa Doom : James Earl Jones
King Osric : Max von Sydow
Valeria : Sandahl Bergman
Rexor : Ben Davidson
Witch : Cassandra Gaviola
Subotai : Gerry Lopez
Wizard : Mako
Princess : Valerie Quinnessen
Conan's father : William Smith
Red Hair : Luis Barboo
Pictish scout : Franco Columbo
Snake girl : Leslie Foldvary
Guard : Gary Herman
Officer : Erick Holmey

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