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6.4/10 Stars
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3.5/10 Stars
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"Everything that has a beginning has an end."


  • Director: Lana Wachowski, Andy Wachowski
  • Genre: Adventure, Action, Thriller, Science Fiction
  • Studio: Silver Pictures
  • Widescreen | Duration: 130 Mins

Continuing straight on from the events of Reloaded, the first hour of this more substantial second sequel plays like an extended version of the previous film: annoyingly cryptic conversations, overfamiliar acrobatic shoot-outs and inert pacing. But, in a great second half, the Wachowski brothers get the trilogy back on track, as humans in huge combat armour battle valiantly to protect their Zion stronghold against a million robotic Sentinels. Both technically and artistically, this extended siege is perhaps the most impressive set piece of the series, while Keanu Reeves's journey as Neo culminates in a gravity-defying, rain-soaked duel with Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) that is moody superhero spectacle par excellence. Performances are of a better standard than Reloaded, too, and although the perpetual vibe of self-importance and climactic slabs of cyber-cheese do undermine some remarkable film-making, the integration of action, emotion, plot and character arcs is more satisfying this time around. The ending is not entirely convincing, however.
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Cast List:
Thomas A Anderson / Neo : Keanu Reeves
Trinity : Carrie-Anne Moss
Morpheus : Laurence Fishburne
Agent Smith : Hugo Weaving
Niobe : Jada Pinkett Smith
The Oracle : Mary Alice
Sati : Tanveer Atwal
Persephone : Monica Bellucci
Bane : Ian Bliss
Seraph : Collin Chou
Zee : Nona Gaye
Mifune : Nathaniel Lees
Commander Lock : Harry Lennix
Link : Harold Perrineau
The Trainman : Bruce Spence
The Kid : Clayton Watson
Rama-Kandra : Bernard White
Merovingian : Lambert Wilson
Ghost : Anthony Wong (2)
Architect : Helmut Bakaitis
Councillor Hamann : Anthony Zerbe

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